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By December 18, 2017Web development
Website launch checklist | Urban Based

After all the effort you put in developing your new spectacular website, the day when you need to finally launch it, comes. Website launch can be really stress-free if you’re ready for that. To make sure that everything goes smooth, I’ve complied a website launch checklist. It includes the most important aspects of the website that need extra attention:c You can edit this list and make your own based on what website you build & what software you use.

To be honest, after launching uncountable amount of websites, I still use this checklist to make sure the website is 100% ready to be launched. It is better to make sure everything works fine before the launch than fixing problems latter when they occur. I always go the extra mile and never let “what ifs” worry me.
The website launch checklist to make sure it works flawlessly:

Set up

  • You own the domain & it is all set up;
  • You have the hosting & it’s is suitable for your website (I actually like to have a bit more than I need. Just in case);
  • Your business’s emails have been set up & working (make sure they have the right security certificates, otherwise your email will be sent directly to spam);
  • Social media accounts are set up & updated with your business information;
  • All relevant social media accounts are added to your website and their links are not broken;
  • Google Analytics (GA) tag is inserted and the data collection is working;
  • Website’s goals in GA & events are set up;
  • Relevant IPs are excluded from your data collection;
  • GA and Google Search Console are synchronised;
  • Yandex Metrica counter code is inserted (I highly recommend using Yandex Metrica for heatmaps & visitors tracking);


  • Dynamic XML sitemap is created;
  • XML sitemap is submitted to search engines;
  • Your pages’ SEO is in place:
    • all pages have enough written content;
    • meta titles and descriptions are unique;
    • images have alt tags;
    • paragraphs, lists & headings are formatted properly;
    • meta:og tags are properly placed for content sharing;
    • URLs are set and reflect your pages’ content & website’s information architecture;
  • Your 404 redirect pages are set up and working;
  • 301 redirects are in place (if needed);
  • Rel=”nofollow” tag is added where necessary;


  • Copywriting has been proofread;
  • The most important content is correctly listed & work properly;
  • Lorem impsum has been removed from all pages;
  • You have a “Contact us” page (in my personal experience, you won’t believe how many people actually forget this part);
  • All information in your “Contact us” page is correct;
  • Footer includes copyright;


  • All contact forms work;
  • All subscribe forms work;
  • “Thank you” messages are shown correctly;
  • Auto response emails are properly sent;
  • All downloadable content work properly;
  • Social media share buttons are working;
  • Integrations with any third party tools are working properly;
  • Perform a media checkup and make sure there are no broken image links;
  • Perform link checkup to make sure there are no broken links;


  • Website is compatible across all browsers;
  • Website is compatible across all devices;
  • HTML & CSS pass validation;
  • CSS is optimised;
  • Images are optimised;
  • Your website has a favicon;
  • Company logo is linked to the homepage;


  • Website monitoring is set up;
  • Passwords are stored securely;
  • Backup of website has been made;
  • New content copies are being created;


  • Visitors are informed that you are using cookies (necessary in some countries);
  • You have usage rights for all content you used (images, code, fonts and etc.)
  • You have “Terms and privacy policy” and it is visible to visitors.

Have an easygoing website launch!

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