Web design trends in 2018

By January 13, 2018Web design
Web Design Trends

New Year – new trends? Well, it’s not always the case in the web design industry. What we will continue to see this year will be a further evolution of styles currently used in web design. Most renowned agencies and artists will introduce their drastic ideas, which will be implemented by others. This may cause a development of a new style, what we’ve witnessed from brands such as Google in 2014 with the announcement of material design. Nevertheless, most of the new design trends will be a continued search for “distinct & fresh” by the creative community.

So, let’s jump in and find out what 2018 will most likely have to offer for us:

Credit:  Nathan Riley

1. Bold, big fonts & engaging, professional photography

Some things never go old, especially if they are minimalistic. This year we will continue to see landing pages with professional & bright photos providing a background for well-picked fonts dominating the space. It’s simple, eye-catching and professional. It doesn’t add unnecessary visual noise and provides only the most relevant information.

What changes on yearly basis is how the text is displayed. It has become quite popular to combine it with animations to create a sense of lively website. Since 2015 animations became so common, that there are hundreds of different options and almost no limitations on how you can spice up your heading messages.

More good news for designers? Brands are companies are starting to pay more attention to custom photography. Luckily we rarely get to see generic photos with the same person you see on every fifth website as much as a few years ago. Younger generations easily identify the difference, they notice it and make first impressions based on brands photography.

Credit: Manuel Rovira

2. Even brighter, more vivid colours

One of the most considerable previous years’ trends was vibrant and vivid colours. Designers got slightly more creative and brave every year since the dominance of pastel colours in 2015, increasing the visual punch factor by introducing brighter tones. This year we can expect the colours to be even more random and brighter. This just proves that artists are feeling fewer constraints and this is going to continue as brands like Nike or Spotify successfully adopts & trailblazes such choice of design.

Credit: Charis Rooda

3. Fewer constraints? Asymmetry and brutalism!

What started out as almost a side project of self-expression in an adventurous take on a personal portfolio in 2017, seems to become a trend to follow in 2018. If in 2014 we discussed fewer rectangles in web design, this year we are discussing asymmetry and chaotic harmony. User experience professionals use this technique, to highlight the desired content with bold, outstanding elements. Exciting if you ask me.

Credit: Edvinas Puskorius


4. Illustrated animations

With the help of SVG and HTML 5 we are able to have lightweight illustrations and even animate them with almost no cost when it comes to loading speeds. Custom crafted content adds a unique touch to the brand as well tells the story about the brand in visuals. Having these illustrations animated in 2018, while being able to bypass Google’s punishment for slow loading speeds, is one of the things every brand should consider if they are willing to surprise customers in 2018.

Credit: Merissa Acosta


5. More interactable content!

Instead of having your pages static and boring, you can choose to create a lasting impression with interactable content. Surprise your visitor by providing more content users can interact with. Consider trivias, polls or games, or simply personalised experience people are looking for these days as it’s getting harder to impress and find out more about your user. If tracked these methods tell exactly, who your customer is, and we all know that such data is invaluable.

What do you think is going to shape web design industry in 2018? Leave a comment, we would love to discuss it with you.

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