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By January 9, 2018SEO
2018 Free backlink checker tools - Urban Based

Getting quality backlinks for your website is an essential part of your overall SEO strategy. Backlinks help improve your page rank, get more visibility in search results and receive referral traffic.
If you get stuck in generating ideas where you could get more backlinks from, you can get some by spying on your competitors.
There are many paid tools that can help you with more than just the backlinks. However, if spending money is not an option luckily there are some free backlink checker tools that can come in handy.
We wanted to find truly free tools to help you with your SEO backlink building strategy. It wasn’t easy to spot those gems, but we managed to make a list of free backlink checker tools that show at least 100 backlinks.

Free backlink checker tools

Backlink Watch

One of our favourites was Backlink Watch. Don’t be tricked by the outdated design. The tool is quite handy, free and has all the necessary features.
There is no limit to the number of domains you can scan and no sign-up forms. All you have to do is enter the URL and press “Check backlinks”. The generates a list of all the backlinks the domain has. Because of that, for some websites, it might take a while to process the request.
You are presented with anchor texts, PageRank of backlink giving URL and OBL. We’ve noticed that sometimes the anchor text wasn’t correct, but hey, it gives you all the links you need, what else can you ask for a free tool?

SEO review tools

We really enjoyed using SEO review tools. The website is nice and minimal with no flashy ads (and this is something really difficult to find these days).
We loved the column that shows the domain’s rating and the count of links coming from the domain.
Its downside is that you can only get the list of only the first 100 backlinks. If you want to get all of them, you need to sign up for a free trial or buy the tool. As well we noticed that the tool only shows the backlinks from the websites with PageRanks that are below average.

Open site explorer

MOZ Open Site Explorer has been in the industry for years. At the beginning, their index wasn’t very big and they didn’t have that many features as they do now. Over the time they improved a lot and I can say that at the moment they’re one of the top free backlink checker tools out there.
With Open Site Explorer you get the list of all domain’s backlinks and even filter them out by the target, link source or link type. Another great feature is that you can see both Page Authority and Domain Authority scores of the pages and domains linking to the analysed domain. And even of the domain analysed. Furthermore, they show the anchor link text and even a spam score so you know if the linking pages have been flagged.
Without the pro version you won’t be able to export the results, however, you’ll be able to get the links you need.


We were very impressed with this free backlink checker tool. SEOprofiler features are truly extensive. It gives you a fully accurate list of backlinks and quite a bunch of extra features.
One of its interesting features is that it gives information on the industry and the context of the backlink. As well Link influencer score (LIS), anchor text and even the day the backlink was added on.
And that’s not everything – on the tool’s sidebar, you can find such features as an analysis of LIS distribution of websites that link to the domain, a list of countries the links are coming from, linkage analysis and much more for…free! They do ask you to sign-up for free after some time, but we think it’s absolutely worth it.

Which free online backlink checker tool are you using?

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